It is a stamp rally that goes around a total of 101 spots selected by Shinagawa Ward. However, the order of the game is in no particular order.
By clearing certain conditions (obtaining the number of stamps of 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 101), you can acquire an original photo frame that you can only get here.
I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of photo frame is available!
By all means on this occasion, let’s take a commemorative photo with the photo frame around the 100 scenes of Shinagawa!

Procedure ① First let’s start

Touching Shinagawa Hundred Scenery Tour

Touch a new start

1. Touch this part to search for spots by district.
2. The spot list selected above will be displayed. (If you select all of the above, 101 spots will be displayed in the list)
3. Touch the map to display the list with pins. (Spot name will be displayed when pushing the pin)

Procedure (2) Let’s decide the destination!

Touch the blue letters

1. Spot photos and simple spot information are listed.
2. For details of spot information, touch “View information with Kokosil”.

Detailed information on the target spot can be confirmed.

Procedure ③ Obtain stamp

1. When you arrive at the spot you get a stamp.
2. Touch “Stamp Book”.

1. The acquired stamp is saved in the stamp book.
2. You can acquire the original photo frame according to the number of stamps acquired.

Function introduction ① Exception spot

Apart from the photo frame that can be earned according to the number of stamps, when arriving at the following spots at the following spots, a photo frame named after the site will appear (some with moving images). Please do come and take a look!

  • Tenno Festival at Ebara Shrine <June>
  • Example festival of Shinagawa Shrine <June>
  • Children’s Forest Park
  • Shinagawa flower highway and ship
  • Oi Racecourse and Twinkle Race
  • Bustle of the Togoshi Ginza shopping area
  • Shogin Akira grandson shrine
  • Sports Forest (Oei Bucho Central Seaside Park)
  • Shinagawa station festival <September>
  • Cherry blossoms on the Meguro River
  • Shinagawa Aquarium
  • Sakamoto Ryoma statue of the Tachikawa river

Function introduction ② Confirm the number of stamps

When you press “Stamp Book”, the number of stamps currently acquired is displayed.

Function introduction ③ When changing terminals

“Handover code” is used when you want to transfer information on Shinagawa turn around to a new terminal. Do not forget the takeover code to be displayed, please make a note.