[Matsuko Mainu !?]

How nice! 0 The agenda of the Matsuko meeting from 23:00 on 2/22 (Sat.) will be a co-working space Last month, a writer who contributed a special feature on the whole body of Koma-inu, who feels calm, will appear on the Tourism Association website. Read the article and review the preparation Click here for "Let's go hunting for Shinagawa guardian dogs" ↓ https://shinagawa-kanko.or.jp/featured/komainu01/ <Matsuko Meeting: Saturday evening from 23:00 to 23:30 NTV> Click here for the next notice ↓ https://www.ntv.co.jp/matsu… / articles / 6nwz5z26ncdzn0vpi.html

Recruitment of Kokosil regional point demonstration experiment participants! -Points available at the shopping street for 2000 yen will be presented ~

How nice! 0 YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratories and U-Technology Co., Ltd. announced on February 19, 2020 (Wednesday, ) From February 23 to Sunday, February 23, a demonstration experiment will be conducted at the Kitashinagawa shopping street using the Kokosil Regional Point Service. We will recruit experiment participants (monitors) for the demonstration experiment, so please join us. In the demonstration experiment, monitors were given "regional points" (in the app) in advance, and they were able to experience shopping and eating at participating stores in the shopping mall using those points. You. Please refer to the following pamphlet for details. In addition, those who answer the questionnaire during the experiment period and […]

[Serializing “Fight! Exciting Supporters” 🌈☁️]

How nice! 0 The 17th episode of the four-panel comic series, Good Friend Great Operation, has been released http://cinnamon-shinagawa.jp/nakayoshi/1690/ "3D dribbling?" # Cinnamoroll # cinnamon # large ear dog # Shinagawa tourism ambassador # Nakayoshi Battle # Shinakamon # Bichuu # YataTama # Tokyo 2020 # Shinagawa # cartoon # 4 piece # cartoon # Manga # Shinagawa # Tokyo # Tokyo # Japan # japan