Exciting Shinagawa Town “Shinagawa Biyori” ☁️☁

How nice! 0 http://cinnamon-shinagawa.jp A new shop has been uploaded. 50 years loved by the locals! I went to the Maruhama store, a Shumai specialty store in Nakanobu Sugawara … “Shumai 3 Brothers” is certified as Shinagawa souvenir. # Cinnamoroll # Cinnamon # Shinagawa Weather # Maruta Shop # Shoomai # Shoomai3Brothers # Shochan # Hagiwara # Nakanobu # Shinagawa View Maruta store information

[The 32nd Shinagawa Yume-san Bridge 2019, Notice of Cancellation / Reduction due to Typhoon]

Due to the impact of Typhoon No. 19, the scheduled holdings on October 12 (Sat) and 13 (Sun) were canceled. On October 14 (Monday / Holiday), the event will be held on a large scale. The Tourism Fair Stamp Rally will be held only on the 14th (Monday / Holiday). With the cancellation of the event on Sunday, the cinnamo roll appearance will also be cancelled. Please understand. https://shinagawa-kanko.or.jp/event/shinagawa-yume2019/ … # Shinagawa # Shinagawa Yumesan Bridge # Cinnamoroll # Cinnamon

Tokyo 2020 official recognition program

The culmination of Shinagawa festival culture! Edo-mae, Seongnam, Seri bear Shinagawa shrine gather! Please enjoy the heroes of the passionate bearers. 【Venue】 Tokyu Meguro Line Musashi-Oyama Station Rotary-Near Shinagawa City Office Post Office (approx. 2.0km) Shinagawa has an urban image, but it has a vibrant downtown atmosphere, especially in the shopping district. To increase the momentum of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, We will show you local performing arts and festival culture such as shrines, floats, lions and drums that have been treasured locally! Special page https://shinagawa-mikoshitogyo.com/

Shinagawa Hanakaido-Letter from Akisakura

Cosmos swaying in the wind from the sea. It begins to bloom little by little, and now it blooms a few minutes. It is also recommended for a walk. We will inform you of the flowering situation from time to time … https://shinagawa-kanko.or.jp/spot/shinagawahanakaidou/ # Shinagawa flower Kaido # cosmos flowering situation 2019 # cosmos # Cosmos # tidings of flowers # Cosmos # AutumnSakura

Shinagawa City sightseeing PR train in operation on the Tokyo Monorail ️

For one month from September 28 (Sat) to October 27 (Sun), At Tokyo Monorail, which connects Hamamatsucho and Haneda Airport, a planned train that has been rented out with a PR poster in Shinagawa City will be rented out as a single train. However, since posters are posted, if you use Tokyo Monorail, please look for it … https://shinagawa-kanko.or.jp/news/21456/ # Shinagawa # Tokyo Monorail # Haneda Airport # Monorail  

October 19th (Sat) Barara Tourism Fair, Nishi-Oyama Monogatari-Japanese! Shinagawa

Bara Tourism Fair Nishi Koyama Monogatari sum! Shinagawa Saturday, October 19 from 11:00 to 16:00 Tokyu Nishi-Oyama Station … Nishikoyama once developed in “Hanamachi”. We will hold a Bara Tourism Fair this year in front of Nishi-Oyama Station. Various performances such as Nishi Koyama Kosuge, Nishi Koyama Ondo, Shinagawa Monjiro’s show, and the swordplay of sword fighting are on the stage. In addition, many stalls boasting local flavors are open and crowded every year!

10/5 (Sat) Shinagawa Canal Festival-Autumn Canal Fireworks Festival 2019-Sightseeing Festa in Shinagawa Waterside

Shinagawa Canal Festival-Autumn Canal Fireworks Festival 2019-Shinagawa Waterside Tourism Festa, Higashi Shinagawa Marine Park / Tennozu Park Venue- <Autumn Canal Fireworks Festival 2019, Water Stage Ship Garaku> A performance on board by the members of the Gagaku Tomokai. … 10/5 (Sat) 15: 00-16: 15 Song: 1. Trembling 2. Wharf 3. Kaden 4. Nasori There are only rare songs that you can’t easily hear in Gagaku. * The image is of “Soriko” played last year.