[Matsuko Mainu !?]

How nice! 0 The agenda of the Matsuko meeting from 23:00 on 2/22 (Sat.) will be a co-working space Last month, a writer who contributed a special feature on the whole body of Koma-inu, who feels calm, will appear on the Tourism Association website. Read the article and review the preparation Click here for "Let's go hunting for Shinagawa guardian dogs" ↓ https://shinagawa-kanko.or.jp/featured/komainu01/ <Matsuko Meeting: Saturday evening from 23:00 to 23:30 NTV> Click here for the next notice ↓ https://www.ntv.co.jp/matsu… / articles / 6nwz5z26ncdzn0vpi.html

[Serializing “Fight! Exciting Supporters” 🌈☁️]

How nice! 0 The 17th episode of the four-panel comic series, Good Friend Great Operation, has been released http://cinnamon-shinagawa.jp/nakayoshi/1690/ "3D dribbling?" # Cinnamoroll # cinnamon # large ear dog # Shinagawa tourism ambassador # Nakayoshi Battle # Shinakamon # Bichuu # YataTama # Tokyo 2020 # Shinagawa # cartoon # 4 piece # cartoon # Manga # Shinagawa # Tokyo # Tokyo # Japan # japan

Town walking tour “History and shopping area walk”

How nice! 0 [Applications are being accepted on March 8 (Sun)] Town walking tour "History and shopping area walk" https://shinagawa-kanko.or.jp/eve…/rekishi-syoutengai-sanpo/ It is a town walking tour to enjoy walking along the Nakahara Kaido Departing from Musashi Koyama Shopping Street Palm in Shinagawa Ward, go to Oyama Hachiman Shrine and Nagahara Shopping Street in Ota Ward. Finally, walk to Senzoku-ike Pond and Katsu Kaishu Memorial Hall to observe the museum. As a souvenir, Shinagawa's "Komine Bakery" Anpan and Daejeon's "wagashi asobi" will definitely win! Do you not walk to look for the highlight along Nakahara Highway? ————————————- The date and time: Sunday, March 8, 2020 from 13:00 to 16:30 Capacity: 40 […]

“ Osaka Expo 50th Anniversary Exhibition ”

How nice! 0 [This Week's Event / Shop News] It's been cold recently, so don't get sick. Carefully wash your hands and gargle, including the coronavirus (> <) From this weekend! "Osaka Expo 50th Anniversary Exhibition" will be held at Tennozu Isle ☆ https://www.expo70-park.jp/50th/ Exhibit the works of Taro Okamoto at that time … and the works of creators influenced by the Osaka Expo! An exhibition you can't see anywhere else! Please come to play. * Events may be changed or canceled without notice, so please check with the event host in advance. You can also check them all at the event calendar ( https://goo.gl/Ugqbsf ). <Event> ◆ imono collection2020 […]