Today, Friday, May 17th, Gotanda Valley General Incorporated Association signed a memorandum of understanding with the Business Innovation Development Bureau of Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia.

Likes 0 The MOU aims to implement joint projects and programs between IT and technology companies in Shinagawa Ward and Ulaanbaatar City, and to support exchanges between students and experts as well as cooperation between IT companies from both countries. Additionally, on Friday, May 10th, Mayor Morisawa visited Ulaanbaatar, and the ward presented the mayor with a commemorative gift as a token of appreciation for the hospitality shown to him. The ward will also continue to support exchanges between startups in the ward and the city of Ulaanbaatar. #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Gotanda Valley #Startup #Ulaanbaatar City Regional Industry Promotion Division Tel: 03-5498-6333 Shinagawa Ward official Instagram "wa.shinagawa"

[Kyoko Morisawa, mayor of Shinagawa]

Likes 0 Shinagawa Aquarium special exhibition now on! At the Clownfish Room in Shinagawa Aquarium, We are holding a special exhibition called "The uniqueness of Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture, shining through the ocean." This event was born from the "aquarium connection" between #ShinagawaAquarium and #EchizenMatsushimaAquarium. In addition to displaying a stuffed Echizen crab, the king of winter delicacies, and learning about the ecology of crabs, Panels explain the work of the female divers active in Sakai City. There will be an introduction to "cultivating fisheries" through an exhibition of farmed fish from Fukui Prefecture, On weekends there will also be an event where people will draw fish on paper using […]

[Kyoko Morisawa, mayor of Shinagawa]

Likes 0 ✏️Speaking at the new employee training✏️ Addressing the new employees who joined the ward in April, he asked them to put the "happiness of the residents" first, value their fresh sensibilities and new ideas, and approach their work with a high perspective and awareness of problems. Let's come together as a team and move the ward administration forward even further, towards a Shinagawa where "everyone can find meaning in life and live life the way they want to!" #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Kyoko Morisawa #Newly hired staff #Training Secretary, General Affairs Division (03-3777-1111) Shinagawa Ward official Instagram "wa.shinagawa"

Today, Friday, May 10th, Mayor Morisawa, who is visiting Mongolia, signed a partnership agreement with three Mongolian technical colleges, as well as a tripartite memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia and JICA.

Likes 0 In order to help local manufacturing companies suffering from a shortage of engineers to secure human resources and develop them, Shinagawa Ward has been carrying out a human resources exchange project in collaboration with three Mongolian technical colleges since 2017. To date, 20 graduates have been employed and are thriving in the ward. The conclusion of this partnership agreement and memorandum will further deepen the collaborative and cooperative relationship that has been implemented so far with the three Mongolian technical colleges in the human resource exchange program, as well as to build new cooperative relationships in areas such as IT and startup fields and international exchange, and to […]

[Demonstration of traditional crafts: pottery]

Likes 0 Today, Friday, May 10th, a traditional craft demonstration will be held at the environmental learning and exchange facility "Ecol Togoshi" until 4pm! This time the traditional craft is "pottery"!! The demonstration will be given by Hikari Shimamura, a teacher at the Shinagawa Ward Traditional Crafts Preservation Society. He demonstrates the inlay technique, in which pictures and patterns are carved into the clay material and then clay of a different color is embedded in it. The clay removed during the carving process is not simply thrown away, but is incorporated again into other clay and used in other works. The technique of eliminating waste is traditional yet in line […]

[Princess Michiko in the Nemunoki Garden is in full bloom]

Likes 0 On Thursday, May 2nd, 2024, "Princess Michiko" at Nemunoki Garden (5-19-5 Higashi-Gotanda) was in full bloom. "Princess Michiko" is a medium-sized orange rose that was presented to Michiko, who was then Crown Princess, by the British company Dixon & Co. in 1966. #Shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Nemunoki Garden #Princess Michiko #Rose Shinagawa Ward official Instagram "wa.shinagawa"

[Shinagawa Ward Mayor Kyoko Morisawa] Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster Area Support Headquarters Meeting

Likes 0 As a donation for the Noto Peninsula earthquake, We have received a total of 21,238,402 yen from all of you. Thank you all so much for your heartwarming kindness. The donations we have received are being delivered to the nine affected municipalities one by one. (Ishikawa Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, Nanao City, Wajima City, Suzu City, Shika Town, Anamizu Town, Noto Town) #WaShinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa #ShinagawaWard #WardMayor #KyokoMorizawa #NotoPeninsulaEarthquake #Donations Shinagawa Ward official Instagram "wa.shinagawa"

[Shinagawa Ward Mayor Kyoko Morisawa] NEW OPEN‼︎

Likes 0 Located in the Gotanda JP Building, which was built on the former site of Yu-Port (8-4-13 Nishi-Gotanda), Shinagawa City Gotanda Industrial and Cultural Facility (CITY HALL & GALLERY GOTANDA) Will open on Wednesday, May 1st! Today, along with the opening ceremony, A keynote speech and panel discussion was held on the theme of supporting startup companies, with Mayor Morisawa appearing as a panelist. Shinagawa Ward will use this facility as a new base to further strengthen its support for startup companies. The event hall can be used for seminars and lectures, while the gallery can be used for meetings and discussions! In addition, the Gotanda JP Building also […]

Shinagawa Ward Children’s Center Joint Project “Wakuwaku Land Shinagawa” will be held on Sunday, May 12th! Free admission! No reservations required!

Likes 0 Time: 10:30am – 3:30pm Venue: Shinagawa Central Park *In the event of rain, the event will be held with some changes at Shinagawa Central Park Multipurpose Square and the Shinagawa Ward Office Second Building Underground Parking Lot. Content: An experiential event held by Shinagawa Ward Children's Center! For more details, please see the digital brochure below. You can see the venue map and booth introductions. Wakuwaku Land Shinagawa Brochure #Shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Children's Center #WakuWaku Land Shinagawa #I tried the children's center Child Development Division, Children's Center Management and Operation Section Tel: 03-5742-7823 Shinagawa Ward official Instagram "wa.shinagawa"