[Kyoko Morisawa, mayor of Shinagawa]

nice! 0 Today, Mongolian National College of Technology graduates who are active in companies in the ward came to the Shinagawa Ward Office for a courtesy visit🍀 In 2017, Shinagawa Ward started a human resources exchange project in collaboration with the Mongolian National College of Technology to help manufacturing companies in the ward, which are suffering from a shortage of engineers, secure human resources, train engineers, and support business continuity. We deepen our relationships by accepting Mongolian technical college students for internships, and after graduating from technical college, we support them in finding employment at manufacturing companies within the ward. "Edo Kiriko" is one of the traditional crafts of Shinagawa […]

[“Shinamizu Christmas 2023” is being held]

nice! 0 At Shinagawa Aquarium (3-2-1 Katsushima), the Christmas event "Shinamizu Christmas 2023" is being held until December 25, 2020 (Monday). With the theme of "A hot and colorful winter has arrived!", the interior and aquarium are decorated in Christmas colors of red, green, and white, and a Christmas-themed arch has been installed in the tunnel aquarium. The inside of the building is full of Christmas colors, with Christmas songs playing in the background. The popular dolphin show, sea lion show, and seal show will also be held in Christmas versions. The zookeepers wear Santa hats, and each show entertains everyone in the venue with performances unique to Christmas. In […]

[Shinagawa Ward Mayor Kyoko Morisawa] Simultaneous disaster prevention drill in the ward

nice! 0 Today's drill was conducted on the 4th day after an earthquake directly hitting the southern part of Tokyo (maximum seismic intensity 7 in the ward) occurred. Inside the ward office, training for meeting deliberations and information transmission was held in the disaster response headquarters room, and training for support activities in each department was held with the same sense of urgency as when a disaster had occurred. At the same time, evacuation shelter opening drills were being held at 46 locations within the ward, and residents were working diligently to set up temporary toilets and check stockpiles. They toured the ward office and the evacuation center opening drill, […]

[Shinagawa Ward Mayor Kyoko Morisawa] Simultaneous disaster prevention drill in the ward

nice! 0 On Saturday, December 2nd, we visited Oi Daiichi Elementary School during a disaster prevention drill in the ward. We observed topics such as “How to respond to safety notifications'' and “Training for assembling simple toilets.'' #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Kyoko Morisawa Shinagawa Ward official Instagram “wa.shinagawa”

[Shinagawa Ward Mayor Kyoko Morisawa] Human Rights Week

nice! 0 During Human Rights Week, which runs from December 4th to 10th every year, the city engages in various educational activities to encourage people to think about the importance of human rights. Today, Mayor Morisawa and the human rights commissioners held a "Human Rights Week Street Campaign" in front of Oimachi Station to promote the importance of human rights. #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Mayor #Kyoko Morisawa #Human Rights Week #Oimachi Station General Affairs Division Secretary (03-3777-1111) Shinagawa Ward official Instagram “wa.shinagawa”

[Shinagawa Ward Mayor Kyoko Morisawa] Former Shinagawa Ward Mayor Hamano

nice! 0 In the autumn 2025 conferral of decorations (issued on November 3), Shinagawa Ward Mayor Hamano was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun with Small Cordon in recognition of his achievements in local autonomy. He seemed to be as healthy as before, and we had a friendly chat from beginning to end. Congratulations to Mr. Hamano on receiving the decoration 😃👏 #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Kyoko Morisawa #Former Shinagawa Ward Mayor #Order of Decoration #Order of the Rising Sun with Rosette Shinagawa Ward official Instagram “wa.shinagawa”

[Shinagawa 1st and 2nd District Committee Joint Project “Parent-Child Takoage Competition!”]

nice! 0 Only 3 days left to apply for participation! / On Saturday, January 13th and Sunday, January 14th, 2020, the Shinagawa First and Second District Committees will hold a "Parent-Child Takoage Tournament" as a joint project. This is a popular project that has already received many applications since applications began! Please join us in creating wonderful memories for your family at the beginning of the new year. 【Implementation date and time】 ① “Octopus making class” January 13, 2020 (Saturday) 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (scheduled) ② “Takoage Tournament” Sunday, January 14, 2020, 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (scheduled) 【The meeting place】 ①Shinagawa First Ward Citizens' Assembly Hall First Meeting […]

[Shinagawa Ward Mayor Kyoko Morisawa] Policy Evaluation Committee handover ceremony

nice! 0 Regarding matters related to the ward's policy evaluation, we received recommendations based on the results of deliberations at all three preliminary review meetings and the Shinagawa Ward Policy Evaluation Committee held on October 30th. #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Kyoko Morisawa #Policy evaluation handover ceremony #Shinagawa Ward Policy Evaluation Committee Shinagawa Ward official Instagram “wa.shinagawa”

[Shinagawa Ward Mayor Kyoko Morisawa] Great Commercial Festival

nice! 0 On November 25th (Sat), I gave a speech at the Great Commercial Festival Ceremony✨ Mascot characters from shopping districts in the ward, etc. also gathered together🐶🐱🐴 #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Kyoko Morisawa General Affairs Division Secretary (03-3777-1111) Shinagawa Ward official Instagram “wa.shinagawa”

[Traditional crafts class: Tatami]

nice! 0 On Thursday, November 16th, a traditional crafts class was held at Miki Elementary School in Shinagawa Ward. The Traditional Crafts Fureai Classroom is an on-site class in which craftsmen visit elementary schools and compulsory education schools in the ward to pass on techniques and traditional culture. This time's classroom theme is "tatami"! ! Mr. Masaharu Matsui from the Shinagawa Traditional Crafts Preservation Society was teaching us how to make tatami coasters🌿 The children carefully cut the tatami while listening intently to the teacher's story! Focusing entirely on pasting the tatami edges, which make a difference in the finish❗ You can also make wreaths with leftover rushes! He showed […]