Talk! Ring! Shinagawa! Town meeting for everyone and the mayor

nice! 0 The theme is "Towards SDGs Future City Shinagawa" The 18 residents were divided into four groups, and the mayor went around the groups and exchanged opinions with the residents. A lively discussion took place with the aim of creating a Shinagawa where everyone can continue to live in their own way. At the end, the content discussed in the group was completed as one illustration. Town meetings will be held four times this fiscal year. Next time, Saturday, September 16th For details, please refer to the Newsletter Shinagawa issued on July 1. #washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #shinagawa #shinagawa #shinagawa ward #town meeting #sdgs #morizawa ward chief #kyoko morizawa Public Relations […]

[Kyoko Morisawa] Appearance announcement!

nice! 0 Mayor Morisawa will appear on TOKYO MX's information program "Gururi Tokyo Edo Walk"! Saturday, June 10, 11:30 a.m. to noon In the 23 ward information section of the same program, we will introduce "Isle Shinagawa", which opened in October last year. Please take a look! ↓Click here for "Isle Shinagawa"↓ #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Kyoko Morisawa #Morizawa Ward Chief #TOKYOMX #Isle Shinagawa General Affairs Division Secretary (03-3777-1111) Shinagawa City Official Instagram「wa.shinagawa」

[Fun, Smart & Cool]

nice! 0 We interviewed Sumio Fukushima, President of Pen Communications Co., Ltd., and Suen Hon, Representative Director of Megmori, a general incorporated association, in an interview for a web magazine that reports on the efforts of local organizations and their efforts to contribute to the local community. I listened. President Fukushima is trying to convey "difficult" in a "fun, smart and cool" way by matching groups and individuals who are taking advanced approaches to environmental issues. As a representative of Megmori, Mr. Hong is active in the area centered on Meguro Station, connecting people to people, people to government, and the present and the future. The content of this interview […]

[Impressed by the kindness of Professor Fumio Otsuka]

nice! 0 I visited the minyo dojo of Mr. Fumio Otsuka, who is a singer of "Shinagawa Jinku", for the coverage of the FM Shinagawa special program. When I asked him to sing a verse of "Shinagawa Jinku" during the interview, he kindly agreed. Listening to "Shinagawa Jinku" at a distance of 2m, it was powerful and touched my heart. The contents of this interview will be announced somewhere in "Iwamoto Kosui Bon Odori no Wa! Shinagawa 2023" scheduled to be broadcast on FM Shinagawa (88.9MHz) from August 7th (Monday) to August 13th (Sunday). increase. looking forward to! Please see here for the detail. [Shinagawa Jinku] #washinagawa #wa_shinagawa […]

#Repost – @shinasui_insta by @get_regrammer

nice! 0 [Limited until 6/19 (Mon) ✨] Jellyfish & Gala Rufa contact experience underway ~ 🕊🫧 What kind of creature is the moon jellyfish that often appears in Tokyo Bay? Please join us for this opportunity 💁🏻 ♀️ Check the website for details 🤞🏻 #Moon Jellyfish #Shinagawa Aquarium #Shinamizu #Shinasui Photo #I #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward Shinagawa City Official Instagram「wa.shinagawa」

[Kyoko Morisawa] Visit to Shinagawa-so

nice! 0 Today, I came to Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture for inspection. Do you know Shinagawa Ward's resort "Shinagawa-so"? 🚅It is a facility located about 1 hour by Shinkansen from Shinagawa Station, 2 hours by local train, and 10 minutes by bus from Ito Station in Shizuoka Prefecture. Shinagawa residents and workers can stay at a great price! ! ☆Western-style room is the most popular with 1 room! ☆ Ring toss, ping pong table, crane game, karaoke (I forgot to take a picture)! ☆Everything we had for lunch was delicious. and, ☆In the family bath, float ducks in the "duck bath"! It was devised so that even small children could […]

[Kyoko Morisawa] Appearance on FM Shinagawa “Lab to Create Mirai Oimachi” ended successfully!

nice! 0 Thank you for listening. If you couldn't listen to it this time, please listen to it because it will be rebroadcast every Wednesday in June. Oh my God! The mayor promoted Instagram by his secretary on the radio. Happy feelings and pressure 💦 📻♪♪You can watch it on the internet and radio (please check the FM Shinagawa website for how to watch). #わしながわ #wa_shinagawa #しながわ #品川区 #京子森沢 #FMしながわ #感謝FC #大井町 #大井町ラボ General Affairs Division Secretary (03-3777-1111) Shinagawa City Official Instagram「wa.shinagawa」

[Kyoko Morisawa] Appearing on FM Shinagawa “Lab to Create Mirai Oimachi”! !

nice! 0 Oimachi Lab Mayor Morisawa SP ~ 1 hour approaching the personality of Mayor Morisawa wrapped in a mysterious veil! ~ Currently appearing on FM Shinagawa. If you can't listen to it this time, it will be rebroadcast every Wednesday in June, so please listen to it. 📻♪♪You can watch it on the internet or on the radio (please check the FM Shinagawa website for how to watch) #わしながわ #wa_shinagawa #しながわ #品川 #品川区 #京子森沢 #森沢区長 #FMしながわ General Affairs Division Secretary (03-3777-1111) Shinagawa City Official Instagram「wa.shinagawa」

[Kyoko Morisawa] Appearing on FM Shinagawa!

nice! 0 I will be appearing as a guest on FM Shinagawa's "Miraino no Oimachi wo Tsukuri Labo", created by Keio University Iimori Lab students. We are planning to talk about the charm of Oimachi that Mayor Morisawa thinks and about himself. Please take a listen. Date and time: June 7 (Wednesday) 18:00- Please check the FM Shinagawa website ( for how to listen. #わしながわ #wa_shinagawa #しながわ Shinagawa City Official Instagram「wa.shinagawa」

[Kyoko Morisawa] Ceremony for concluding an industry-academia-government collaboration agreement to create facilities that satisfy well-being

nice! 0 In constructing a welfare facility for the elderly planned on the former Oyamadai housing site, Chiba University Graduate School of Engineering, which has extensive knowledge in the field of well-being, Matsuda Hirata Sekkei, the facility designer, and Shinagawa Ward, the owner of the facility. The three parties have concluded an industry-academia-government collaboration agreement. Industry-academia-government efforts are rare in Japan, and the aim is to research and create spaces that lead to the happiness of various people, including facility users. 💛 “Well-being” is a state of being happy, physically, mentally and socially satisfied. #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Kyoko Morisawa #Morizawa Ward Chief #Wellbeing General Affairs Division Secretary […]