AR camera (image recognition) can read more information of the photo by holding the photograph of 8 spots carefully selected from “Shinagawa One hundred Scenery” in Shinagawa Ward, and display more detailed information on smartphone or tablet It has become a function.
When actually displaying it, maps, pictures, explanations, and sounds of the place are displayed on one screen so that the attractiveness of the spot is transmitted more.

Touch this screen to start the camera.

When you hold the picture of the target spot over the camera, the pin and the banner are displayed at the bottom of the screen

1. The location of the target spot is displayed
2. The image of the target spot is displayed
3. You can hear the sound of the target spot.

AR camera (image recognition) target spot list

  1. Children’s Forest Park
  2. Ikeda-san Park
  3. Oi Racecourse and Twinkle Race
  4. Bustle of the Togoshi Ginza shopping area
  5. Togoshi Park
  6. Sports Forest (Oei Bucho Central Seaside Park)
  7. Cherry blossoms on the Meguro River
  8. Sakamoto Ryoma statue of the Tachikawa river