What kind of place is Gotenyama Garden? Observation of creatures in Shinagawa, aroma insect repellent spray making workshop

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What kind of place is Gotenyama Garden?
Observation of creatures in Shinagawa, aroma insect repellent spray making workshop

Through observation of waterside aquatic animals and plants, and workshops using the blessings of nature,
What kind of place is Gotenyama Garden for living things?
This is an event for parents and children where you can experience the connection between people and living things (nature).

●Observation of waterside creatures

What kind of creatures live in Gotenyama, and what kind of place is Gotenyama Garden for these creatures?
Observing the creatures living in the garden,
We will capture the environment of the garden from the viewpoint of living things.

● Making an aroma insect repellent spray

The aquatic plants found in gardens use plants as homes, spawning grounds, and hiding places.
We will focus on the "fragrance" that is one of the characteristics of plants that create an environment where living things, including humans, can live, and learn the principle of fragrance.
Let's try making an aromatic insect repellent spray using the scent of plants and experience the connection between living things and people.

[What kind of place is Gotenyama Garden? Observation of living creatures in Shinagawa / Workshop for making aroma insect repellent spray]

Date: August 26, 2023 (1) 9:30-10:30 (2) 11:00-12:00
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■Venue: Gotenyama Trust City (Address: 4-7-35 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
Access: About 5 minutes by free shuttle bus from JR Shinagawa Station (10 minutes on foot)
A 5-minute walk from Kitashinagawa Station on the Keikyu Line Sponsored by: Mori Trust Co., Ltd. (Co-sponsored by Gotenyama Tech x Life Association)
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