Oi Spring Water Nordic Walk

Oi Spring Water Nordic Walk Date: February 12 (Monday) Aggregation time: 13: 30 Aggregation time: JR Nishioi station before ticket quota Capacity: 20 people (We will operate from 1 person) Advance reservation: Please contact the back side application ※ Please prepare in advance for the preparation of Paul. Organized by: Green Infrastructure Shinagawa Facebook

Exchange × Urban District Products Exhibition

Exchange × Urban District Products Exhibition During February 15 (Thu) – 20 (Tue), as part of the special ward coordination project, Shinagawa Ward and Aeon Retail co-organize an exchange urban regional product exhibition. We will publicly communicate local products and sightseeing spots that are related to Shinagawa Ward, and also enjoy the taste of all over the country in areas familiar to the citizens. Through exchange city metropolitan area product exhibition, we will promote efforts leading to the health of the city, and will cooperate and contribute to local creation. Date and Time: Thursday, February 15, 2018 – Tuesday, February 20: 10: 00-19: 00 (until 20:00 on 18:00) Venue: Ion […]

【Shinagawa aquarium outpattern exhibition ~ creatures that were not originally in Japan】

【Shinagawa aquarium outpattern exhibition ~ creatures that were not originally in Japan】 On Wednesday September Aquarium (Katsushima 3-2-1), Wednesday, January 17, 1990 (Wednesday, January 20, 1801), “Exotic Organism Exhibition ~ Creatures that were not originally in Japan ~” started on the theme of alien species. http://www.city.shinagawa.tokyo.jp/hp/page000033000/hpg000032935.htm Facebook

Shinagawa Learning Forest Regional Course “Distribution of Regional Attraction! Chikara of Entertainment”

Holy land pilgrimage, movie location location, Japanese animation · · · We will give a total of 4 lectures on the aspects and possibilities of entertainment to be tourism resources and the relationship with the town. (Deadline for application on January 15) · Date and Time: February 1st, 15th, 22th, Thursday, March 1 All four times 2 pm – 4 pm · Venue: Shinagawa History Center 2 floor no. (Oi – 6 – 11 – 1) · Target: 50 people over 16 years old (lottery for large number of applicants) · Tuition fee: 1,000 yen (4 in total) · Deadline: January 15 (Monday) ※ Please contact us by telephone for […]

The 28th “Traditional techniques and taste / Shinagawa exhibition”

The 28th “Traditional techniques and taste / Shinagawa exhibition” In Shinagawa, traditional crafts and traditional tastes that have been cultivated in history have been taken over by now. Shinagawa Ward and Shinagawa Ward Traditional Crafts Preservation Organization holds “Traditional techniques and taste / Shinagawa exhibition” every year, introducing the wonder of technique and taste. Ukiyo-e slide, Tokyo Kiri chest of drawers, Edo blind · · ·. Booths of demonstrations performed by craftsmen of traditional crafts preservation association line up, can touch up tradition and history nurtured in Shinagawa at hand. It is also possible to talk to them and listen to stories. Please enjoy not only craft but also the […]

Shinagawa Sento stamp rally in progress (until February 28, 2018)

Until February 28, 2018, the Shinagawa Ward Baths Association holds the “Shinagawa Sento Stamp Rally”. Let’s gather stamps and souvenirs around 24 public bath houses joined by this association! Tap the “Yu” icon on the top screen and the location and directions for each public bath, select a sento from the public bath in the city and tap “Go to this place”. Shinagawa Bath House Association  http://www.shinagawa1010.jp City Promotion