[Impressed by the kindness of Professor Fumio Otsuka]

I visited the minyo dojo of Mr. Fumio Otsuka, who is a singer of "Shinagawa Jinku", for the coverage of the FM Shinagawa special program.

When I asked him to sing a verse of "Shinagawa Jinku" during the interview, he kindly agreed.

Listening to "Shinagawa Jinku" at a distance of 2m, it was powerful and touched my heart.

The contents of this interview will be announced somewhere in "Iwamoto Kosui Bon Odori no Wa! Shinagawa 2023" scheduled to be broadcast on FM Shinagawa (88.9MHz) from August 7th (Monday) to August 13th (Sunday). increase. looking forward to!
Please see here for the detail.

[Shinagawa Jinku]

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