Shinagawa FreeWi-Fi is available without registration

How nice! 0 [From Shinagawa-ku Twitter] Tweets by shinagawacity Until noon on the 13th (Sunday), Shinagawa FreeWi-Fi is open for use without registration. In order for as many people as possible to use it, it will be used for 15 minutes each time. Please note. (You can use it any number of times.) * The implementation time may vary depending on the situation.

Typhoon 19 related information

How nice! 0 The Japan Meteorological Agency today maintains a “very strong” typhoon No.19, a large and furious typhoon, reaching off the Kii Peninsula on Saturday, October 12, and going off the coast of northern Japan on the 13th (Sun) through the Kanto region Announced that it is a prospect. It is said that the power is comparable to Typhoon No. 15 that caused great damage to Chiba Prefecture. Please take early measures such as preparing food and water, checking drain outlets, and moving items that are likely to be blown outside to the room. Also, pay attention to future typhoon information and information from the city, and ask for […]

Exciting Shinagawa Town “Shinagawa Biyori” ☁️☁

How nice! 0 A new shop has been uploaded. 50 years loved by the locals! I went to the Maruhama store, a Shumai specialty store in Nakanobu Sugawara … “Shumai 3 Brothers” is certified as Shinagawa souvenir. # Cinnamoroll # Cinnamon # Shinagawa Weather # Maruta Shop # Shoomai # Shoomai3Brothers # Shochan # Hagiwara # Nakanobu # Shinagawa View Maruta store information

Shinagawa Artist Exhibition 2019 The Future in Remember-Shinagawa Art Shopping Street-

How nice! 0 Shinagawa Artist Exhibition 2019 The Future in Remember-Shinagawa Art Shopping Street- Free entry for 9/14 (Sat.) and 15 (Sun.) <Venue: Kurian> Yayoi Kodama (Ikebana Artist) Since 2014, I have been in charge of flower arrangements at parties, etc. Since 2016, I have been hosting the “Ikebana Classroom” at Kita Shinagawa. "Learn while playing" to make Ikebana feel casual and familiar We are active on the theme of "Ikebana in life". [HP, Instagram, facebook] <Click here for details of the artist exhibition> #Shinagawa Artist Exhibition, # Yoyo Kodama, # Ikebana, # Event, # Exhibition, # Free Facebook