Heat stroke alert alert

A heatstroke alert has been announced. Today (16th), it is predicted that the weather conditions will be extremely dangerous for heatstroke. Avoid going out as much as possible, keep the room in a cool environment with an air conditioner, etc., and take action to prevent heatstroke.

[September 1, 2022 – September 30, 2022] Kokosil Shinagawa Ward Charter 40th Anniversary Stamp Rally 100 people will be given a 1,000 yen “Shinagawa Ward Common Gift Certificate” by lottery!

How nice! 0 Shopping at the shopping district in the city around the ward charter Use the "40th Anniversary Stamp Rally of the Establishment of the Citizens' Charter" on the Shinagawa Ward Information App "Kokosil Shinagawa" to get a 1,000-yen common gift certificate in Shinagawa Ward. "Shinagawa Ward Common Gift Certificates" can be used at approximately 2,000 stores in 68 shopping districts in Shinagawa Ward and 7 affiliated taxi companies in Tokyo. For details, please check the website of the Shinagawa Ward Federation of Shopping Streets . Application method Install the "Kokosil" app from the AppStore or GooglePlay. After selecting "Kokosil Shinagawa" on the area selection screen (Kokosil Select), touch […]

A company worker holds a thorough explanation seminar!

A seminar will be held at the Nishioi Startup Support Center [a company worker will thoroughly explain how to select founding members, options for employment forms, and points to be aware of] . 8/18 (Thursday) 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. / Free (On-site or ZOOM can be selected) Please join us! Click here for details▽ https://0818-event.peatix.com/

Are you ready for work?

[Shinagawa Disaster Prevention School] You can learn about efforts to improve the disaster prevention capabilities of business establishments. You can choose between a “lecture participation type” held online and a “business trip type” where you go to a business office in the city and give a lecture. ▶ Application here #Shinagawa Disaster Prevention School