Ikedayama Park light up

Ikedayama Park The light-up event is until December 4th (Sun). Gates open at 17:30 and close at 20:30. You can spend a relaxing time with beautiful autumn leaves, ambient music, and incense burning in the park🍁 https://shinagawa-kanko.or.jp/event/ikedayamalightup/ Ikedayama Park light-up event A light-up event will be held from Saturday , November 27th and 26th, 2022. The colors of the autumn leaves this year are good, and you can see many maples that have already turned bright red. Until Sunday, December 4 https://t.co/zKziEefzvW

Noh, clarinet and 25-string koto

[Togoshi Hachiman Shrine] Noh, clarinet and 25-string koto concert will be held at Togoshi Hachiman Shrine on 11/30 (Wed.). 2 times from 15:00/19:00, participation fee is 2,500 yen each time. The costumes of the Noh performers and performers are said to be remakes of obis and kimonos damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. https://shinagawa-kanko.or.jp/event/nohclkoto/

Women’s Business Grand Prix 2023 in Shinagawa

Entries are currently being accepted for the Women's Business Grand Prix 2023 in Shinagawa, a business plan contest for women aiming to become entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. Click here for details ↓ https://musashikoyama-sc.jp/page.php?id=75 #Business #Entrepreneurship

~Forefront of Allergic Diseases~

[Recruiting students for the Showa University Partnership Course “Life and Health: The Front Lines of Allergic Diseases”] Friday, November 25th to Friday, December 23rd On-demand distribution on YouTube. Please apply by electronic application from the ward HP ↓ https://onl.sc/MLDRmHD #Shinagawa Ward #Showa University #Allergy

Collaborative project between professionals and students

A concert will be held by the Rissho University brass band and Yukko Miller, one of Japan's leading professional saxophonists. 🌟Schedule🌟December 4th (Sun) 🌟Doors open 🌟13:00 🌟Start 🌟14:00 🌟Venue🌟Rissho University Shinagawa Campus 🌟Organizer🌟Rissho University Learn more🌈 https://www.ris.ac.jp/event/2022/eventinfo20221118-03.html 🎷👩‍🎓✨👨‍🎓

Employment support seminar for women

An employment support seminar for women will be held online from 10:00 am to 11:00 am on December 14, 2022. The capacity is 25 people, and advance reservations are required. Click here for seminar details and how to register.https://www.shinagawa-shigoto.jp/ #Job hunting #Interview preparation #Employment support #Seminar

Currently preparing to open.

Meguro River Everyone's Stall Village/Gotanda Fureai Waterside Square Takoyaki, fried chicken, and cotton candy kitchen trucks are coming today. How about spending a leisurely autumn afternoon at Gotanda Fureai Hiroba? The lighting of the illumination is at 17:00, a little dramatic moment of the days✨ Click here for the homepage ↓ http://shinagawa-kanko.or.jp/event/yatai2022