[Gather! Ebara Intensive planning! ]


What is "Atsume! Ebara"?
Participatory event created by creators related to Shinagawa who can be enjoyed by children and adults together with Ebara's shopping district and local people! ✨

The secretariat is having a heated discussion so that the event will be a higher level than the last time 🔥 We have decided on a slogan for this day.

・Find out the heart-pounding culture ・Art x Music x Food x Invention

We will inform you about the preparations for holding "Atsume! Ebara" irregularly.

Let's all get together at Ebara! ! !

Community Cultural Event 2023 "Gather! Ebara"
Admission: Free Date: Sunday, October 22, 2023

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#If you gather #If you gather #Everyone come #Find a culture that makes you feel pounding

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