[Kyoko Morisawa, mayor of Shinagawa]

Shinagawa City Run Scheduled Course Inspection

Scheduled to be held in March next year
#Shinagawa City Run 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

We inspected the planned course 👀

Started Shinagawa Civic Park,
A special course with Oi Racecourse as the goal.
The distance is 10km!

Runners, volunteers, supporters, etc.
We hope that many people will participate in various ways,
We will continue to make this a tournament that will be loved by everyone ✨

We are currently accepting the following applications related to the competition 📣

▶︎Contest logo design〈Currently recruiting until January 19th (Friday)〉

▶︎Shinagawa Citizen Marathon participants〈Recruiting until February 12th (Monday)〉
[As a pre-competition for Shinagawa City Run
Implemented on Sunday, March 17th]

Please check the website for details🔍

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