[Shinagawa Ward Mayor Kyoko Morisawa] Workplace planning training

I participated in the “study session on wood use with Kochi Prefecture'' as part of workplace planning training. Lecturers came from Kochi Prefecture, including Kochi Prefecture Forestry Promotion and Environment Department, Kochi Prefecture Timber Association, and Kochi Prefectural Forestry University.

We hope that the employees who have attended the training will be able to utilize what they have learned from the instructors, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the use of wood, in their various projects.

Kochi Prefecture has the highest forest area (84%) in Japan. Shinagawa Ward takes advantage of this abundant wood and uses it in interior materials for ward-owned facilities such as Ecole Togoshi, the Child Guidance Center, and the soon-to-be-renovated Shinagawa History Museum. .

The brooch in the photo is a wooden flower made from planed wood from Kochi Prefecture and is called a “Kanaba Flower.''
It was created with Shinagawa Purple in it.

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