[Traditional craft demonstration: Japanese sewing]

Today, February 9th, a demonstration of traditional crafts is being held at the environmental learning exchange facility "Ecole Togoshi"!

This time's demonstration is "Japanese clothing"! !
Hiroshi Kenmochi, chairman of the Shinagawa Traditional Crafts Preservation Society, is demonstrating his skill with a needle and thread.

Little kids looking at me with interest ☺️✨
During the demonstration, children from a nearby nursery school came to visit!

At the Traditional Techniques and Flavors/Shinagawa Exhibition at the end of last month, Mr. Kamomochi emphasized the charm of Japanese sewing and the splendor of Shinagawa City's traditional crafts to many visitors.

We plan to continue holding this event at Ecole Togoshi in the future. Look forward to it♪

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