[Oi Daiichi District 31st Sakura Festival]

On Sunday, April 7, 2024, the 31st Sakura Festival, sponsored by the Ooi First Town Association, was held at Minami Children's Park (Minamioi 1-12). It rained until early morning on the day, and there were concerns that the festival would be canceled, but the rain cleared by the time the festival started, and the festival was held under a refreshing spring sky and cherry blossoms in full bloom.
The opening ceremony began with a speech by Kenji Oka, chairman of the Oi First Town Association, followed by speeches from guests and an opening declaration by Kyoko Sakamoto, vice chairman of the association, to kick off the 31st Sakura Festival. After the opening declaration, the Oi Gongen Taiko Preservation Society gave a powerful performance, livening up the festival.
During the festival, Mayor Morisawa also visited. All the town and neighborhood associations in the Oi First District area set up stalls, with long lines of people waiting to buy, and a large raffle with 4,000 prizes was held. In addition, a bazaar was held by the Oi First District Youth Affairs Committee. The Sakura Festival, which was attended by 6,500 people, ended with great success.

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