Today, Friday, May 10th, Mayor Morisawa, who is visiting Mongolia, signed a partnership agreement with three Mongolian technical colleges, as well as a tripartite memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia and JICA.

In order to help local manufacturing companies suffering from a shortage of engineers to secure human resources and develop them, Shinagawa Ward has been carrying out a human resources exchange project in collaboration with three Mongolian technical colleges since 2017. To date, 20 graduates have been employed and are thriving in the ward.

The conclusion of this partnership agreement and memorandum will further deepen the collaborative and cooperative relationship that has been implemented so far with the three Mongolian technical colleges in the human resource exchange program, as well as to build new cooperative relationships in areas such as IT and startup fields and international exchange, and to promote mutual growth and development.

The signing of this agreement and memorandum will further deepen the partnership and cooperation between Shinagawa Ward and Mongolia.

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