Summer vacation experience project! We are currently recruiting members for “Shinagawa Kids Patrol 2024”!

Children ride in blue crime prevention patrol cars and make announcements on the microphone about crime prevention from a child's perspective. At the enlistment ceremony, the ward chief presents the members with their membership cards.
The representative children will set off under the escort of a police motorcycle or other vehicle.
Enlistment ceremony and departure ceremony: July 22 (Mon) 10:00 a.m. Patrol: Activities for one hour only on designated days between July 22 (Mon) and 26 (Fri) [Target] 40 elementary school students in the 4th to 6th grades who live in the ward and can ride in a car (selected by lottery)
[How to apply]
Use the Shinagawa Ward electronic application service or mail or bring the application form distributed by the Community Activities Division to the Life Safety Section of the same division. (※Must arrive by June 28th)
The application form can be downloaded from the electronic application service:

📷See the previous event here.

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