[Kyoko Morisawa, mayor of Shinagawa]

Lunch meeting with the nursery teachers at the Yutaka Nursery School

This lunch meeting with staff members
We visited Yutaka Nursery School.
Exchange opinions with childcare workers!
This was my second visit, following last year's visit.

Regarding childcare in Shinagawa Ward,
We welcome your suggestions and ideas for further improvement.

During the meeting, there was an incident where an earthquake occurred (magnitude 2 in Shinagawa Ward), but seeing the teachers' quick response, I felt that they were building a solid foundation for protecting children's lives in the event of an emergency.

We also had the opportunity to sample some of the vegetables the children have grown in the school garden!
(Since Tanabata is coming up soon, we also have star-shaped cucumbers 🥒⭐️🎋)

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