[July is Movement Emphasis Month to Brighten Society]

Today, July 5th (Friday), street public relations activities for the Shinagawa Ward Brighten Up Society Campaign were carried out in various parts of the ward.
In Musashi-Koyama, Gotanda, Osaki, and Oimachi, ward mayor Morisawa, who is also the chairman of the Bright Society Movement Promotion Committee, as well as members of the Tokyo Probation Office, Shinagawa Ward Probation Officers Association, and Shinagawa Ward Women's Association for Rehabilitation Protection, participated in the ceremony and raised awareness of the movement.

** The Bright Society Movement is a nationwide movement advocated by the Ministry of Justice that aims to encourage all citizens to deepen their understanding of crime and delinquency prevention and the rehabilitation of those who have committed crimes, and to join forces in their respective positions to build a bright society free of crime and delinquency.**

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