[Kyoko Morisawa, mayor of Shinagawa]

Today, we visited Hayakawa Town in Yamanashi Prefecture, with which we have a hometown exchange agreement, and were given a tour of Hayakawa Town while exchanging opinions with Mayor Tsuji and Deputy Mayor Fujimoto.

We visited #Mount Shinagawa (second photo) where you can experience Satoyama creation, #Healthy Misato which offers accommodation subsidies for ward residents, #Suzurishoan where you can see and buy Amahata inkstones, a local specialty, and experience making them, and #Mikami Falls which has a drop of 55m, and were able to fully experience the charm of Hayakawa Town.

This summer, why not visit Hayakawa Town, surrounded by nature in the Southern Alps, and refresh your mind and body?

Shinagawa City hosts Hayakawa Town Exchange Bus Tours throughout the year for residents, workers, and students. For details, please see the Shinagawa City website.

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