[Nationwide first] Attractive transmission using the news app “SmartNews”

Shinagawa City began distributing official administration information on the smartphone news application “SmartNews” on October 1 (Tuesday). Shinagawa Ward is the first nationwide city to deliver official information on local governments via Smart News!

The app, operated by Smart News Inc. (head office: Shibuya-ku), boasts 40 million downloads in the US and Japan, with over 10 million monthly active users. The information that is distributed is diverse, and in addition to news, it is linked to more than 3,000 information media such as sports, entertainment, blogs, and coupons. It is an application that is used for active information gathering in gap time such as commuting.

The Shinagawa Ward channel will be set up in Smart News to deliver information on events in Shinagawa Ward. Please use all means!

Please see the ward website for details.
Click here to install Smart News (Shinagawa City Channel).

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