Collaboration between the ward and companies Collaborative project at children’s cafeteria

In cooperation with Lawson Co., Ltd. (1-11-2 Osaki), which has its head office in the ward, the ward has been implementing a joint project to reduce food loss at the children's cafeteria from Tuesday, January 17th.

The purpose of this project is to promote cooperation between the ward and companies, reduce food loss, and make effective use of food.

This time, fried foods that have passed their sell-by date after cooking, but have not passed their expiration date, are frozen with a liquid flash freezer that can be stored while maintaining their freshness, and are served by the Shinagawa Children's Cafeteria Network Secretariat (Shinagawa Ward Society). Provided to children's cafeterias in the ward through the welfare council). The provided products will be re-cooked at the children's cafeteria and used for lunch and dinner menus.

Parents and children who ate curry and fried food said, "I am very grateful to the children's cafeteria for always helping me. This time, I was able to get my daughter's favorite karaage kun to reduce food loss. It was very helpful. "Karaage-kun was delicious," he said, expressing his gratitude to the company and the children's cafeteria.

【Business summary】
Period: January 17 (Tuesday) to February 28 (Tuesday), 2023 Store: Lawson Gate City Osaki Atrium Store (Osaki 1-chome 11-1)
・Karaage Kun 4 types (regular, red, Hokkaido cheese, Setouchi lemon flavor)
・3 types of L chiki (regular, red, Tatsuta)
・3 types of chicken (thigh soy sauce, thigh salt, breast Tatsuta)
・Hokkaido Kitakari Beef Croquette ・Delicious Minced Beef Destination: Kodomo Yume Shokudo Danran, a children's cafeteria in Shinagawa Ward
(Welcome Center Hara Exchange Salon, 2-5-21 Nishioi, Shinagawa-ku)