Concluded an agreement with Water Stand Co., Ltd. to promote the reduction of plastic waste

On January 19, 5th year of Reiwa, Shinagawa City held a signing ceremony for "Agreement on Promotion of Plastic Waste Reduction" with Water Stand Co., Ltd.

The "agreement on the promotion of plastic waste reduction" aims to reduce the use of single-use plastic products and promote the reduction of plastic waste through mutual cooperation and collaboration between the ward and the company.

In the agreement, we will install water dispensers for my bottles provided by Water Stand Co., Ltd. at ward facilities and ward-sponsored events, and work to raise awareness about the use of disposable plastic products such as PET bottles. As the first initiative after the conclusion of the agreement, we installed a water dispenser at the environmental learning exchange facility "Ecole Togoshi". In the future, we will gradually install it in municipal facilities and expand the spots where you can drink with your own bottle.

Mayor Morisawa, who attended the signing ceremony on the day, said, "I myself use my own bottle, but I often end up drinking, so if there is a water stand nearby, I can refill it, so I think it is very convenient. Then Honda of Water Stand Co., Ltd. said, "In Japan, 23 billion plastic bottles are used annually. Our goal is to reduce the number of bottles by 3 billion by 2030. For that reason, I would like to aim to create a culture where people carry their own bottles more.”

Aiming to realize a decarbonized society, the ward will continue to carry out various initiatives in collaboration with private businesses, such as environmental measures such as plastic waste reduction and global warming countermeasures.

My bottle water supply machine: A water server directly connected to the water supply that filters and supplies tap water by attaching a special branch fitting to the faucet near the installation location.