[Disaster prevention part #5]

In this post, I will introduce you to a "disaster prevention pouch" that you should always carry around in case of a sudden disaster while you are out.

Have you ever heard the term "struggle to go home"? Those who are unable to return to their homes due to transportation stoppages, etc., are referred to as "persons unable to return home."

If you always keep a "disaster prevention pouch" with goods in your bag like the one in the photo, it may be useful in the event of a sudden disaster while you are out. There are only things that can be saved even in normal times, so please try to carry a "disaster prevention pouch" on a daily basis.

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The culmination of the "Jijo-kun no Ippo" project! About held "38th Shinagawa-ku disaster prevention fair" on March 11, we introduce some contents of exhibition plan.

Click here for Shinagawa disaster prevention promotion enlightenment project "Jijo-kun no Ippo"

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