[Nishioi Founding Support Center] Reopened

February 4th year of Reiwa The Shinagawa Ward Nishioi Founding Support Center is scheduled to be partially reopened! For opening in February ■ First term member recruitment (10 / 8-12 / 6) ■ Special event before opening (10/28/11/4/11/13) Application start! https://port2401.jp/

[Flower news] Cosmos-Shinagawa Hanakaido

It is unlikely that they will bloom all at once this year due to the weather, but in some places adorable cosmos are swaying in the sea breeze. Shinagawa Hanakaido: https://shinagawa-kanko.or.jp/spot/shinagawahanakaidou/ https://t.co/qBQqJriVZ4 # Tidings of flowers # cosmos # Shinagawa flower Kaido # Shinagawa

[For men in their teens to 20s] About vaccination

From the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, due to the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis after inoculation It was shown that men in their teens to 20s who received the first Moderna vaccine can change the second to the Pfizer vaccine if they wish. Click here for details ▶ https://bit.ly/3x59Kwv

Dense and close, the other is. ..

RT @hatachino_ryoma : Around this time, the number of chilly and dry days has increased. I'm too late everyone because it is completely cold measures professional, important thing is many times # quiz ze Deo recap! Masks, hand washing and 3 dense avoidance are important for anti-virus measures , but "3 dense" is dense and close, what is the other?

In “Nemu no Ki no Niwa”

RT Attohatachino_ryoma : 8-minute walk from Gotanda Station garden of # Nemunoki in, ze found a cute flower 🌼 Its name is "Pentas"! Because the shape of the flower is a pentagon, it was named after "penta" which means 5 in Greek. From now on, "Shinagawa recommended spots" will be abbreviated as #Shinaspo …

10/17 Today’s final day “PoRIFF Exhibition”

A 3-minute walk from Togoshi Koen Station, the 2nd floor of the small gallery Hasu no hana displays and sells wonderful bags and accessories that have been upcycled at welfare facilities using plastic bags that are no longer needed in the area. 12: 00-18: 00 #PoRIFF #SDGs # Togoshi # Shinagawa Due to the extension of the poRiff exhibition, it will open today from 12:00 to 18:00. Kitchen side Falafel sandwich specialty store Ejima Shokudo @ejimaneo Open until 15:00. You can shop during that time, but we may not be able to provide product information, so if you would like to hear about it, please come in the evening. There […]

RIDER CHIPS vs Kamen Rider GIRLS in Curian

SET LIST ✨ like Petit Super Hero Festival Best performance and camera work! An archive full of interesting MCs can be used until 10/22 🔥 Rakuten 🅿️ 🎫 ▶ ️ http://rt.jp/riders2021 Yoshio Nomura / Koichi Terasawa / Satoshi Miyawaki / Ricky / Hitomi Isaka / Chisato Akita / Tomomi Washimi Jenna / Cheru Watanabe RIDER CHIPS vs Kamen Rider GIRLS in Curian = SET LIST = Archive now available! [Viewing period] Until 23:59 on October 22 (Friday) [Viewing fee] 2,960 yen https://t.co/d5uW9LNq3R https://t.co/P2QMrU92mg