[Shinagawa Ward Mayor Kyoko Morisawa] Staff dispatched to Noto Peninsula earthquake affected areas

nice! 0 Three staff members who are qualified as disaster-affected residential land risk evaluators will depart for Uchinada Town, Ishikawa Prefecture, to support disaster-stricken residential land risk assessment work. We are planning to carry out support work on site for three days from February 13th to 15th. #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Noto Peninsula earthquake affected area #staff dispatch #disaster-affected residential land risk evaluator #Uchinada Town Shinagawa Ward official Instagram “wa.shinagawa”

[Traditional craft demonstration: Japanese sewing]

nice! 0 Today, February 9th, a demonstration of traditional crafts is being held at the environmental learning exchange facility "Ecole Togoshi"! This time's demonstration is "Japanese clothing"! ! Hiroshi Kenmochi, chairman of the Shinagawa Traditional Crafts Preservation Society, is demonstrating his skill with a needle and thread. Little kids looking at me with interest ☺️✨ During the demonstration, children from a nearby nursery school came to visit! At the Traditional Techniques and Flavors/Shinagawa Exhibition at the end of last month, Mr. Kamomochi emphasized the charm of Japanese sewing and the splendor of Shinagawa City's traditional crafts to many visitors. We plan to continue holding this event at Ecole Togoshi in […]

[Kyoko Morisawa, mayor of Shinagawa]

nice! 0 We received a donation from the #Musashikoyama Shopping District Promotion Association to the Noto Peninsula Earthquake affected areas. This time's donation is The money was raised through the "Charity Mochitsuki to collect donations for the Noto Peninsula Earthquake" held on Sunday, January 28th, sponsored by Musashikoyama Shopping District. Thank you for your generous donations, We will deliver it to local governments affected by the disaster through Shinagawa Ward. #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Shinagawa #Noto Peninsula Earthquake #Musashikoyama #Musako #Palm #Shopping District General Affairs Division Secretary (03-3777-1111) Shinagawa Ward official Instagram “wa.shinagawa”

[Plum blossoms in Shinagawa Civic Park]

nice! 0 On Wednesday, February 7, 2020, the plum trees at Shinagawa Civic Park (3-2-2 Katsushima) began to bloom. The best time to see the yellow flowers of “Roubai'' will soon be over, but the white flowers of “Fuyu Solstice'' and the pink flowers of “Hibai'' are just around the corner. Plum trees such as Shirokaga, Gyokukou, and Bungo usually begin blooming around late February, and can be enjoyed in full bloom by early March. #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Plum #Shinagawa Citizens Park Shinagawa Ward official Instagram “wa.shinagawa”

[Shinagawa Ward Mayor Kyoko Morisawa] Tsubasa Izushi’s House

nice! 0 A ceremony was held to commemorate the completion of the group home for people with disabilities, "Izushi Tsubasa no Ie (3-11-19 Nishi-Oi)," which will open in April 2020. This facility is the first in the ward to have rooms where you can try out a group home, as well as rooms for short-term stays. Additionally, the building has achieved a 50% reduction in energy consumption and has been certified as "ZEH-M Ready," making it an environmentally friendly facility. In developing this facility, we utilized donations received for improving welfare measures for people with disabilities. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to those who have made generous […]

[We are conducting a Shinagawa City city branding survey]

nice! 0 We are considering branding for Shinagawa Ward in order to promote “Shinagawa, where everyone can feel a sense of purpose in life and live their own way.'' Please tell us what you think Shinagawa City should be like. Implementation period: February 5, 2020 to February 16, 2020 Response method: Thank you for your cooperation in the Shinagawa City electronic application service. <Answers from the website below> http://tinyurl.com/4d6x9su5 #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa-ku #city branding #branding #Shinagawa-ku city branding Public Relations and Public Hearing Division Telephone: 03-5742-6043 FAX: 03-5742-6870 Shinagawa Ward official Instagram “wa.shinagawa”

[Kyoko Morisawa, mayor of Shinagawa]

nice! 0 Last night, two staff members returned safely from supporting areas affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, and today they reported the situation on the ground to Ward Mayor Morisawa. This time, we delivered relief supplies to Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture for the third time, as well as donations received from everyone and condolence money from Shinagawa Ward. One month has passed since the earthquake, and support needs seem to be changing. We will continue to promptly provide necessary support based on requests from disaster-affected local governments. #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Mayor #Kyoko Morisawa #Noto Peninsula Earthquake #Ishikawa Prefecture #Wajima City #Support supplies #Donations #Sympathy money […]

[Shinagawa Ward Mayor Kyoko Morisawa] Press release of initial budget proposal for FY 2020

nice! 0 Today, we announced the initial budget proposal for FY2020. (General account: 203,656 million yen, 2.4% increase from the previous year) ✨ Budget your happiness ✨ We have compiled a budget to create a society that has hope for the future by eliminating the negatives such as anxiety and dissatisfaction that residents face. We explained a number of budget proposals based on a well-being perspective. You can watch the press conference on You Tube "Shinagawa City Official Channel Shinagawa Net TV". #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Mayor #Kyoko Morisawa #FY2020 #Initial budget proposal #Press announcement materials #Wellbeing Shinagawa Ward official Instagram “wa.shinagawa”

[Relief donation from Oi Daiichi Neighborhood Association]

nice! 0 On January 30th (Tuesday), Chairman Kenji Oka of the Oi Daiichi Neighborhood Association Federation expressed his wish for the reconstruction of the areas affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, saying, “We will continue to raise money at events held by the Oi Daiichi Neighborhood Association.'' We will continue to provide support, including providing support for the victims,'' he said, handing the donation to Ward Mayor Morisawa. This donation will be delivered to affected local governments through Shinagawa Ward. #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward Oi Daiichi Regional Center (03-3761-2000) Shinagawa Ward official Instagram “wa.shinagawa”

[Kyoko Morisawa, mayor of Shinagawa]

nice! 0 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster Area Support Headquarters Meeting The third support headquarters meeting was held today. Regarding the damage situation in the disaster area and the support status of the ward, We shared information. With the continued cooperation of the residents, We will do our best to support the affected areas. #Washinagawa #wa_shinagawa #Shinagawa #shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Ward Mayor #Kyoko Morisawa #Noto Peninsula Earthquake #Support #Ishikawa Prefecture General Affairs Division Secretary (03-3777-1111) Shinagawa Ward official Instagram “wa.shinagawa”