We will be holding the “Wa no Hin Marche”, selling mainly handmade products filled with love and attention to detail.

Likes 0 This time, we will be opening a store on the day of the major race "Yushun Sprint" held at Oi Racecourse (2-1-2 Katsushima, Shinagawa-ku). We will be selling products selected by businesses related to employment for people with disabilities in the ward, so please come and find your favorite items. *All products are handmade, so quantities are limited. Date and time: Wednesday, July 10th, 1:30pm to 9pm Location: Special space in front of Oi Racecourse G-FRONT (2-1-2 Katsushima, Shinagawa-ku) 【Click here for details】 https://www.city.shinagawa.tokyo.jp/PC/kenkou/kenkou-syogai/kenkou-syogai-job/kenkou-syogai-zisyuseihinn/20240705163645.html #Shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Wa no hin Marche #Oi Racecourse Disability Support Division Tel: 03-5742-7844 Shinagawa City Official Instagram "city_shinagawa"

[Kyoko Morisawa, mayor of Shinagawa]

Likes 0 Today, we visited Hayakawa Town in Yamanashi Prefecture, with which we have a hometown exchange agreement, and were given a tour of Hayakawa Town while exchanging opinions with Mayor Tsuji and Deputy Mayor Fujimoto. We visited #Mount Shinagawa (second photo) where you can experience Satoyama creation, #Healthy Misato which offers accommodation subsidies for ward residents, #Suzurishoan where you can see and buy Amahata inkstones, a local specialty, and experience making them, and #Mikami Falls which has a drop of 55m, and were able to fully experience the charm of Hayakawa Town. This summer, why not visit Hayakawa Town, surrounded by nature in the Southern Alps, and refresh your […]

[Today is the voting day (until 8pm) – Cast your precious vote in the Tokyo gubernatorial election and Tokyo Assembly by-election]

Likes 0 Sunday, July 7, 2024 is the voting day for the Tokyo Governor Election and Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly by-election. Voting will close at 8pm. Don't forget to cast your vote. *Please vote at the designated polling station listed on your admission ticket. For details on the election and the status, please click here https://www.city.shinagawa.tokyo.jp/PC/kuseizyoho/kuseizyoho-sensei/kuseizyoho-senkyo/tochijisenkyo/index.html Shinagawa City Official Instagram "city_shinagawa"

[Notice of Ebara First District Citizens’ Festival]

Likes 0 The 2024 Ebara First District Citizens' Festival will be held at Square Ebara on Saturday, July 13th! Please come and visit us ♪ Date and time: Saturday, July 13, 2024, 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm [Cancelled in case of rain] *The Bon Odori dance is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. *If the event is cancelled due to rain, we will post a notice on this account. Venue: Square Ebara (4-5-28 Ebara, Shinagawa-ku) Contents: Food stalls, Bon Odori dance, children's festival, stage performances https://www.city.shinagawa.tokyo.jp/PC/shisetsu/shisetsu-kuyakusyo/shisetsu-kuyakusyo-chiiki/shisetsu-kuyakusyo-chiiki-eba1/shisetsu-kuyakusyo-chiiki-eba1-oshirase/20240702111149.html #Shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Square Ebara #Summer Festival #Citizens' Festival #Ebara First District #Bon Odori #Festival #Children's Festival #Food stalls <Administrative Office> Ebara Daiichi […]

[July is Movement Emphasis Month to Brighten Society]

Likes 0 Today, July 5th (Friday), street public relations activities for the Shinagawa Ward Brighten Up Society Campaign were carried out in various parts of the ward. In Musashi-Koyama, Gotanda, Osaki, and Oimachi, ward mayor Morisawa, who is also the chairman of the Bright Society Movement Promotion Committee, as well as members of the Tokyo Probation Office, Shinagawa Ward Probation Officers Association, and Shinagawa Ward Women's Association for Rehabilitation Protection, participated in the ceremony and raised awareness of the movement. ** The Bright Society Movement is a nationwide movement advocated by the Ministry of Justice that aims to encourage all citizens to deepen their understanding of crime and delinquency prevention […]

[Demonstration of traditional crafts: Japanese embroidery]

Likes 0 Today, July 5th (Friday), a traditional craft demonstration was held at the environmental learning and exchange facility "Ecol Togoshi." The traditional craft this time is "Japanese Embroidery"!! The person demonstrating the technique will be Ms. Konomi Sasahara of the Shinagawa Ward Traditional Crafts Preservation Society. While using ancient techniques that are said to have originated in the Muromachi period, they are produced in a wide variety of designs, both Japanese and Western in style. Visitors watched with interest as intricate patterns were created using a variety of threads. We will continue to hold demonstrations of traditional crafts at "Ecol Togoshi." Please look forward to it! #Shinagawa #Shinagawa #Shinagawa […]

[Kyoko Morisawa, mayor of Shinagawa]

Likes 0 Lunch meeting with the nursery teachers at the Yutaka Nursery School This lunch meeting with staff members We visited Yutaka Nursery School. Exchange opinions with childcare workers! This was my second visit, following last year's visit. Regarding childcare in Shinagawa Ward, We welcome your suggestions and ideas for further improvement. During the meeting, there was an incident where an earthquake occurred (magnitude 2 in Shinagawa Ward), but seeing the teachers' quick response, I felt that they were building a solid foundation for protecting children's lives in the event of an emergency. … We also had the opportunity to sample some of the vegetables the children have grown in […]

Today marks 500 days until the Tokyo 2025 Deaflympics!/

Likes 0 #Kaori Fujio #Yoshiyo Asano Former Japanese national women's hockey team/Shinagawa ward employee Let's all support the Deaflympics! This year, Shinagawa Ward will also be holding an event to raise awareness of the Deaflympics. Once the details have been decided, we will announce them on the ward's website. #Deaflympics #500 days left #Shinagawa #Shinagawa #Sign language is a language #Hockey Sports Promotion Division, Sports Promotion Section (03-5742-9109) Shinagawa City Official Instagram "city_shinagawa"

[Higashi-Shinagawa Marine Park: Maihiren flowers in full bloom]

Likes 0 On Tuesday, July 2nd, 2024, the Maihiren lotus flowers were in full bloom in the rooftop garden biotope of Higashishinagawa Marine Park (Higashishinagawa 2). Maihiren is a lotus native to Gobo City that was created in 1966 by Yuji Sakamoto of Gobo City by crossbreeding the American yellow lotus "Ojiren" with the Japanese "Ogaren", and successfully bloomed in the summer of 1968. In the same year, it was presented to the then Crown Prince and Princess, and was named Maihiren after Empress Michiko, as the flower looks graceful as if it is dancing as it closes. #Shinagawa #Shinagawa Ward #Maihiren #Maihiren #Higashishinagawa Marine Park Shinagawa City Official Instagram […]

[Sakura Japan women’s hockey team player Oikawa Shiori (Shinagawa ward resident) visits Mayor Morisawa before leaving for the Paris 2024 Olympics]

Likes 0 On Monday, July 1, 2024, Shiori Oikawa, a Shinagawa ward resident and member of the Japanese women's hockey team "Sakura Japan" and a candidate for the Paris 2024 Olympics, visited the ward office and spoke to Mayor Morisawa about her enthusiasm and aspirations for the match before departing for Paris. On Friday, June 14th, Oikawa was selected as a potential member of the Japanese women's hockey team, "Sakura Japan," for the Paris 2024 Olympics, making this her second consecutive Olympic Games appearance. On Wednesday, November 1, 2023, Shinagawa Ward was certified as an "Official Hockey Town" by the Japan Hockey Association. The ward views Oi Hockey Stadium as […]